What you think and feel 
when you are being photographed 
shows up in your facial expressions.

Imagine the difference between how you look like
when you are critical of your body or how you look like when you are in love.

Connecting to your heart, connecting to your essence, connecting to others:

beauty shines when you are connected.

Be your beautiful self and beam.

Share your love and beauty.

My goal is to photograph

your soul's energy.

Relishing the inner space of 
delectable, light-loving inspiration, 
touches who you are and is the essence of art. 
These photographs hope to touch on Hafiz's definition of art:
"True Art makes the divine silence of the soul break into applause."
May the intention behind these words and images reveal
itself as great blessings, peace and prosperity
in your experience, in your career
and in the spaces your photos
may grace.
                                                                                                     TJ Devadatta Best