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For portraits or headshots that show your essence, that reflect your
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TJ is a mirror. 
A mirror that witnesses the inner beauty of the people he photographs and reflects it back to them. Having known him, I knew that the photo session would enter deep into my soul and show me who I am, but I was so moved by the gentleness with which he did this.  His focus was on the inner energies, and the body seemed to almost not exist. We are all looking for a witness to our lives and in TJ I found a witness to mine, who was completely free of judgment or expectation.  He helped me go deeper and deeper, to the core of my being and then also taught me how to bring this light out to the fore, fearlessly. 
After our session, I found myself in a state of calm and complete acceptance of my body and my inner beauty! I know the photographs will be stunning as all of his work is, but his true gift is the experience he has left with me!

Manisha Gutman, http://e-coexist.com/


When I first saw TJ Devadatta’s photography, I was immediately captivated by his great sensitivity to minute details which initially spoke to me of the school of Dutch still life painters. However, unlike the Dutch masters, TJ’s images, whether the subject is floral, crystal, water, wildlife, landscape or portrait, has a certain quality of light that simply glows from the inside. I knew immediately that I had to use TJ’s light inspired photography as a metaphor and example of the inner transformation and glow I see working as a healer and personal coach with my clients when they have the epiphany of a big moment. When I see them make an inner break through that had previously held them hostage for years and the light bulb goes off, accompanied by a lifting of past heaviness, this is the same Divine awakening that TJ Devadatta captures in his photography. I feel honored and blessed to have met TJ Devadatta and to now be able to collaborate with him, offering my clients Inner Light Inspired Portraits, to capture in photography the inner transformation we achieve working together.

Dianne Porchia, https://www.porchiaswish.com/

I needed pictures of myself for professional and other reasons for quite some time. I was looking for the image that portrayed what was really “me”.

One day I had the opportunity to go on a quest for that kind of image with TJ Devadatta. And what a quest it was. He inspired me to dance, to laugh, and to move with great ease. I never had so much fun “posing” for a picture.

TJ captured many images – portraits that were delightful, wondrous, light-filled. He captured an entire bouquet of photographs that was more than an image of a person. He caught the reflection, the beauty, and strength of the inner world. I wondered how did TJ do it? I then realized it was not about what TJ did, but who he is. Many photographers can shoot great pictures - doing everything right technically. But a master photographer is about the relationship between the artist and the subject. It is TJ’s ability to engage you with authenticity that brings out the true best of you in the moment and allows it to be caught on “film”. Add to that a deep imagination and creative way of seeing the world and the result is…  My portrait, as I always hoped others would see me.

Marigold, NYC, NY

I don’t need to see the pictures to be certain that the photo shoot TJ just completed will produce the best portraits ever. How do I know that? It’s because, over the course of a four-hour, outdoor shoot in multiple locations, TJ  was totally focused on finding backgrounds that would be both beautiful and expressive of me; on the quality of light; and on helping me to invoke, within myself, authentic feelings of what I most want to express to others. Not once did he ask me to smile! His method is to capture his subjects at their most authentically expressive, and he has the extraordinary personal gift, like a great acting coach, of being able to help his subjects connect with their own feelings.

The time we spent together was pure pleasure. It is a joy to observe a master artist at work, and a privilege to benefit from that mastery. TJ  is a delightful companion, profoundly giving, caring, and considerate. As an artist, he seems egoless, aiming to discover the truth of his subject rather than expressing his own point of view. I learned a lot about myself during our time together, enjoying every minute.

“Amazing. at least five of the best photos ever taken of me. “
“The more I look, the more astonished I am by the quality of your work.”    S.S.

"Showing up for life so fully, so exuberantly that it is an invitation to be filled over and over again.” This phrase was a gift from high Self, invited into my slumber the night before the photoshoot with TJ Devadatta. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of Joshua Tree Park and held so divinely by TJ Devadatta’s loving presence, I was invited to over and over again tap into this fullness of receiving, awe, my own nuanced being, and expression; a witness to the endless bounty of life filling me. This journey to see myself through the camera lens, through the creative laughing delight of the artist, to step into fullness of being, uninhibited, no agenda for the final product, played out with pure flow, pure joy.” Amy Chadwick, ND

Our photography session took me to a world beyond physicality. It was fascinating to how your attention to the world, bought out the best of my look! Your dexterity to play every note of the music of camera made my experience of being photographed, a journey to the symphony of my diversity. From communicating to my potential clients, to coming out of meditation land where there is love for all, you captured every move, every mood, and the true essence of that who is me. I thank you for bringing mindfulness to the art of photography. You are now the official photographer of the heart, where everyone is beautiful regardless of their look! I am thrilled with these photos, and grateful for your work. Words fail me when I attempt to communicate my gratitude.

Mitra M


Having TJ photograph you is an experience unlike any other! He understands that what shows up on a photo comes from inside you. His work begins there, with letting what’s inside of you out and then capturing that. I’ve never met another photographer (and I worked with many during my years in the advertising business) who understood this so completely. As a result the photos he takes are something completely other than the usual portrait. They are reflections of who you are inside as well as out.

Sharon Rich


In our photo shoot you were able to capture the essence of my soul in time of deep prayer and devotion. You are a master in your craft. With your loving-kindness you guided me to ascend. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Rabbi Miriam E. Hamrell

From the very first time I spoke with TJ, I instantly had an organic and comforting connection with him.  For this being my first photoshoot- with the goal of TJ and I putting together a portfolio for future modeling work, I couldn't have picked a better person and an even brighter soul to work on such a project with together.

Being that this is all so very new to me, I was seeking guidance both mentally and physically.  Little did I realize how much I was struggling to find a sense of direction, a way to uplift and grow as an individual, but most importantly, a way to develop or at least head in a positive direction for myself and for the inspiration of others...there is no doubt in my mind that TJ was a very special and unique light for me throughout this touching process, and remains to be.

I went into this project full of excitement, full of the unknown, but also with the mindset that I will walk away with an uplifting, yet 
motivating light.  Not only did I experience every one of these; I experienced something so much more and deeper that has left me glowing with an unconditional new kind of love and appreciation.  A new foundation and love for myself.  A new spark.  A new edge.

TJ not only does a fantastic job of directing particular looks, styles and poses with the unique and natural eye he has with the camera...he has a way of making someone feel so bright and open.  TJ helped me grow as a person over the last month just based on his spiritual abilities and his comforting soul.  He understood so deeply where I was coming from, to exactly what I needed, to then where I was going.  He has a very welcoming way about him and he will put everything into making sure you get the best of the best.  We had many great discussions, but something that really opened up who I am was how he made me think on such a deeper level;  in a way that seems so common, but as humans, we forget or don't allow ourselves to go there.  He asked me what is my essence?  What do I want to give, to receive, and to offer not only to myself but to others along the way as well.

TJ moved me and provided me with light.  He will forever be a person in my life and I hope that many people have an opportunity to not only meet him but to work with him as well.  I cannot thank him enough and I am so excited to keep in touch with our upcoming journeys!

Tiffany Hurd, model, athlete, writer, Chicago

"I think part of what makes TJ’s photographs so beautiful, captivating and revelatory is that he possesses an artist’s eye, true photographic talent and a loving presence that sees—and captures on film—the true depth of beauty in each of his subjects. For lack of a better term, TJ’s invented a new genre—spiritual photography— with his rare ability to portray the finite and the infinite! I'm in awe of how your photography evokes higher states of awareness like nothing I've ever seen.

—Gali Kronenberg, writer, editor, book coach